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Picnics and Pals

a Limited TV Series – (Pilot Currently Being Pitched)

Picnics & Pals is a story about a guy named Skip Eddy Do who majored in Picnic-making and minored in Parks and Forestry. He is a picnic aficionado, a picnicologist some have called him but we keep that title on the down-low. Skip owns a nonprofit called Skip’s Picnics, one where he hosts a weekly show informing his viewers how to host and have a perfect picnic experience. The perfect picnic experience, by the way, can be obtained utilizing the acronym FLOSS. You’ll have to tune in to one of Skip’s episodes to find out exactly what that means.

Skip has grown a little bitter, as his nonprofit isn’t as successful as he had hoped it would be. He seems to be in a state of depression and the mean-spirited, unwelcoming band of park rangers don’t help his case. Nor does the bandit badger who keeps stealing all of Skip’s picnic food. These problems cause Skip to turn to isolation, grumpiness, and baguette-fueled rage. You’ll learn exactly that means after an episode or two. Skip has to learn the power and importance of friendship and community, two values that end up saving his nonprofit and quite frankly, his life. Want to learn how to have the perfect picnic experience? Tune into Picnics and Pals!

The pandemic has made use realize at Diner Booth Productions the importance of connection. We need each other for support. Picnics & Pals highlights the value of the community. We will be sure to follow CDC guidelines including wearing masks between takes and sanitizing often on set. We will also social distance as much as possible.

Picnics and Pals Production

A comedic limited mini-series that follows the adventures of Skip Eddy Do as he tries to run a nonprofit, host a picnic-making television show, and gain a pal or two along the way.